Wireless Rain, Water level, Temperature and continuous Soil moisture/Salinity monitoring. The system is utilizing Pessl Instruments world renowned fi eldclimate technology.

The iMetos®ECO “D2” system consists of a solar powered main unit with a powerful logger and a build in GPRS radio modem. The sensor unit is connected by cable to the logger for highly fl exible fi eld mounting. The data captured is directly sent to the fi eldclimate webpage allowing for user friendly display and management of all data directly on every internet device (PC, Smartphone, Notebook, Netbook etc).


Rain Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring (Frost and Heat Warning)

Irrigation management & fertigation

Long/short-term soil/water/climate monitoring

Golf, sports & park turf management

iMetos ECO “D2” has an intelligent mode which will go “online” in near real time a certain emergency situation takes place like: have rainfall = fl ood warning or sharp temperature drop = frost warning. The user can defi ne simply on the webpage these warning thresholds and after matching these threshold an alarm mode is started. All sensor boxes are supported through the proprietary Pessl Instruments sensor chain interface. The fi eldclimate.com platform offers a seamless and easy to operate platform for cost effective and secure automation of your irrigation system using the worldwide web, the mobile phone and the iMetos ICA irrigation control box.


Instant SMS warning in case of critical events

Optimize soil analysis and irrigation scheduling

Review real-time data and trends from the mobile phone anywhere you are

Reduce wash out of fertilizer

Up to 80 % water savings with the same or better results