Insects monitoring has never been so easy! Key to sustainable production

Food markets demand produce of the highest quality and, at the same time, reduced chemical residues.

Modern and sustainable agriculture relies on semiochemicals as a tool to increase insect control, mostly in orchards and vineyards. The alternation of chemical control with insecticides and of mating disruption technique is becoming one of the most effective ways to protect crops.

The benefits of this modern approach include:

improved biological control;

slower development of pesticide resistance;

less exposure to pesticides;

reduced residues in harvested fruits.

Mating disruption is achieved in two major ways: the first is through attraction of males to many false female sources and the second with the background pheromone concentration masking normal communication.

Whichever way males are disoriented, monitoring adult populations throughout the season is essential to evaluate the success of mating disruption and insecticide treatments.

We collected feedback from growers who are using traps in fruit and grape orchards: their major concern was about the time and efforts needed to inspect traps in large territories. Therefore, trap inspection is generally carried out on a weekly basis.

We thought about the possibility to miss information, therefore jeopardising the whole set of information available and risking pest damage.

Using iTRAP, you will get access to a platform that allows you:

to compare catches on different days;

to compare different traps' activity;

to make a better use of the information you are accessing;

to make better decisions on pest control in your crop.

Remote monitoring How it works

iTRAP and Trapview are a patented combination of hardware and software solutions for remote monitoring of different agricultural insects. The iTrap, with its integrated electronics and sticky plate, is light enough to be hung where needed. In the field, the device is self sufficient, being powered by a solar panel and a battery.Multiple cameras take high-resolution pictures of the sticky plate within the iTrap..

Images are sent via GPRS to the Trapview web-platform.

They are analysed with automatic detection of pest with the results visible on web or mobile devices.

Control is real-time and data collected can be used for further elaboration.

Our vision - Holistic solutions for crop management

Modern farming needs optimization of inputs with support for complex decisions. Our vision is to support farmers in making their decisions based on robust data which come from analysis of the local environment.

Large scale forecasting can prove to be wrong where decisions need to be taken for localised area. Starting from automated collected local data, our vision is to give the growers access to automated, localized and real time decision support outputs which can easily be accessed on web or on mobile devices.

The high level of integration between our products (weather station, modelling and monitoring) allows an holistic vision of crop management and gives a qualified support to the difficult decisions farmers need to take on a daily basis.

Benefits and technical features

Usually data (caught pests) from traps are collected on weekly basis. Such interval is often too long for taking appropriate actions in time (for example control strategies could be missed). Daily pictures allow rapid decisions.
Bookkeeping of field data and management of many monitoring traps can be quite a challenge which can result in substantial error rate and poor decision-making.
To count trapped pests, traps have to be physically visited which means lots of time and fuel lost just to collect information from the orchards/fields. Many times field visits are in vain (pests have not occurred yet or there is a gap between pest generations).
On-site recognition and counting of pests is time consuming and wearying. With iTRAP snapshots are stored on server; images are processed automatically and could always be checked by relevant experts.
  • pests have occurred and biofix is established;
  • there has been a significant increase of individuals trapped;
  • sticky plate is full and needs to be changed.
Many importing countries have strict rules in terms of records that no harmful insects are travelling with the fruit or vegetable. Using iTrap can help the exporters provide these proofs and documents in an automatic and objective way without extra costs.
Combination with local data allows better on-site decision making. Using iMetos weatherstations you have the perfect fit to automatically calculate degree days and degree hours for flight risk/mating risk assessment.