Aquagri has organized a study trip to Portugal for a group of experts from Kyrgyzstan, on the engineering design and rehabilitation of irrigation and drainage systems sector.

The expert group is developing a project funded by the World Bank under the name "Second On-Farm Irrigation Project". Developed for the Department of Water Resources and Land Improvement of the Kyrgyz Republic ", the project aims at the rehabilitation of irrigation systems (gravity and pressure) at national level. The visit took place during the days 2-12 February and aimed to present an overview of current best practices for planning, design, construction, supervision, operation and maintenance of irrigation systems and infrastructure and provide participants with a field visit illustrative of these aspects, exposing them to successful engineering solutions in Portugal. Key points were the visit to the Alqueva project - the largest reservoir for irrigation in Europe, as well as contact with Irrigation Associations in Portugal to learn how they operate and the legal and organizational framework.

Issue nº 2/2014